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Texas Citrus Fiesta


Texas Citrus Fiesta

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Mission, Texas is known as the home of the ruby red grapefruit. Besides grapefruit, Mission has a long history with citrus farming, including lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines, and hybrids. It is only natural that our town would have a celebration known as the Texas Citrus Fiesta. 

The Texas Citrus Fiesta consists of a festival, a parade, and a royal pageant to crown King Citrus and Queen Citriana. 

The festival consists of a golf tournament, a cook-off, a carnival, and various other activities. 

The parade typically runs its course down Conway Avenue, including floats that use citrus for decoration. Floats typically use citrus rinds or slices in their decorations. 

The Royal Coronation is the event that kicks off the Texas Citrus Fiesta. The pageant begins with the product costume contest. Each citrus product has representation in the court; but also includes Duchesses of agricultural products representing different communities in the region. There is even a pageant for younger representatives called the Tangerine Court. 


The first Texas Citrus Fiesta was held in December 1932. The event was organized by Paul Ord and the Young Men's Business League. John H. Shary was crowned as the first King Citrus. The Texas Citrus Fiesta has been held almost every year since then. 

Texas Citrus Fiesta